Thursday, 10 May 2018

Don't miss our news!

You are reading this, so you know all about our blog.
But please can you tell your friends about it.
The blog is our way of keeping you in touch with some of the day-to-day happenings here at Happy House, serious and no-so-serious, and also events or fundraising activities by our supporters and friends around the world.
It's our daily news vehicle for spreading the word through words, pictures and video - and we haven't missed a single day in the eight years since we opened!
Our sponsors, who mean so much to us, keep an eye on the blog for pictures of their sponsor children. Those who send giftssee them being use.
Only a couple of weeks ago, a friend who sponsors mentioned how she had seen a dress she had sent for her special child a year ago, now outgrown, being worn by a younger member of our family. She was thrilled! It was also an example of how everything is washed and worn until it is only fit for cleaning rags (and we always need those!).
On Sunday, there is a special treat on the blog as it is written by one of our children.
Through the blog we raise awareness of all we do, and encourage fundraising which we need so badly.
With such a large family at home and in school have so many expenses, a lot that can not be predicted or budgeted for, and it is with those that problems arise.
It would be fantastic if over the coming summer months you could make it your goal to to help us by doing your own fundraising - every penny, every cent, counts.  A cake sale at school or work; collecting loose change in a jar; a sponsored slim/run/swim; a coffee morning at home or an fundraising night in  or picnic with friends. 
You may like to stage a bigger event, involving your community.  Whatever you can do will be of huge help to us.
We will support you with leaflets, publicity etc.  All you have do is to email our Auntie Libz, our UK coordinator:
and she will be happy to help.
 To get the daily blog direct there are a few simple steps:
Once there you will see the current blog. Above column of the page there is a small window that says: Follow by email. Add your email address and go to the directed link.
You will then receive an email within a few minutes (check your spam it may go there) which asks you to verify the link. 
Once done, that's it, and the blog will arrive with you each day!
 You can also see the blog on our Facebook page: Happy House Watamu Kenya
 Or you can go to our website and see it there:

If you enjoy our news, please share it with your friends. Encourage them to be involved in our family and may be they would like to sponsor a child.
 The blog is a snapshot of daily life, we can't possibly cover everything that happens, but we do share the highs and the lows.  We have many friends whose day just isn't complete without a virtual visit to Happy House.
 Being a small charity in a highly competitive world makes attracting funds very difficult indeed.
Please, if you can help in anyway to boost our funds your support would be much appreciated - it's badly needed! 
Thank you, as always for your love, your support, and for caring.