Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Kitten comes home

A tiny kitten has found a new home at Happy House.
Mama Sue says: We found a tiny little kitten curled up next to the Happy House gate.
She is so thin and bedraggled, and around 4- 6 weeks old.
Here at the Happy House we say ‘There is always room for another’ so in she came. 
We took her to the rear of the kitchen where she was given some warm milk. Then our resident cat Happy Hayward came along.
When he saw the kitten his ears went flat to his head and he began growling. 
I told him ‘Happy, you are so spoilt, you know here at the Happy House we are a caring sharing family.' He was not impressed
He will get used to the little one being around as he is usually such a loving and good natured cat, he is just not used to sharing all the attention.
 At the moment we have called our new family member Baby Hayward, but we will see what the kids decide when we put it to the vote.