Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Health call for under fives

A nationwide health initiative to improve the health of children under five has reached Happy House.
Visitors from the Ministry of Health implementing the programme to combat intestinal worms and to administer Vitamin A arrived to give the treatment to each child,
And even though they arrived at nap time, our little ones were ready to cooperate and there were more smiles than tears!
This project is a mass drug administration programme, providing de-worming treatments and Vitamin A supplements to children from 5 – 59 months of age.
Children in this age group are especially vulnerable to worm infections and Vitamin A deficiency, and national drug administration programmes that are run through schools do not cover them. This gap in treatment puts them at risk for worm infections and Vitamin A deficiency that can cause any of the following:blindness, stunted growth, malnutrition, anaemia, poor physical health or reduced mental acuity.