Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Putting on a show for closing day

As the first term of 2018 came to an end our Happy House School put on a showcase of entertainment and talent.
They performed for a big audience made up of parents, guardians, friends and, of course, their fellow pupils from kindergarten, primary and secondary school.
Mama Sue started the morning's activities with a prayer.
Samson took over as master of ceremonies introducing each item on the programme.
This included a performance by our scout group; a dance by KG3; more dancing by Class 5; a song by Class 3 followed by a dance by Class 5.
Then there was more dance from the KGs, Casses 1 and 2 performed the Macarena dance then Class 2 boys recited a poem about the importance of education.
Classes 6 and 7 joined for a dace , followed by a Swahili poem by Class 8. 
The Kidogo dancers perfomed a great dance and Form 1 entertained with a sketch.
Brian then Johnny did their interpretation of a Fik-shun dance, Form 3 performed a traditional Giriama dance.
The entertainment finished with acrobatics led by Baraka.
A presentation of certificates followed  top performing and most improved students in each class.
And then came the big announcement of best classes for the term with trophies going to
Best class in lower school: STD 2; Best Class Upper: STD 8;  Best Class Secondary:Form 1 
The most Improved class and best class overall: Form 3.
Presentations were made by Mama Sue, Papa Dave and their friends Brian and Debbie Grimes and Rob and Maggie Wiseman.
Children can now enjoy a holiday of relaxation and activities.
Top right:
Class awards; Top row:  Class 3 with Mama;  centre: Primary Class 8 with Mama and  Secondary Form 1 with Papa.
Bottom right: Mama with STD 2.
Bottom left: Kidogo Dancers.