Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Happy birthday, Papa.

 Life is never boring at Happy House with Papa Dave around to make it fun.
And today, on his birthday, we are celebrating the much-loved man who, in his own special way, gets across to our kids some of life's most important lessons.
Papa whose childhood growing up in a big, happy but cash-strapped family of 11 children, gives him a unique insight into the lives of our children.
Over his lifetime he has gained a wealth of experience and general knowledge These coupled with an inherent common sense make him a natural teacher.
Through his stories he shares his knowledge with our kids.
From Papa they learn important lessons that go beyond what's taught in school.
He is also their mentor.
Papa is also a joker. His great sense of humour, love of football, and talent for magic tricks entertains them for hours.
He has a posse of little ones who follow him everywhere,  they are this Leeds FC supporter's Leeds Army - marching on forever!
When Papa is going our on an errand, there's a queue of kids volunteering to go with him to help.
An even bigger crowd of small ones is ever-waiting to chase him to the car so they can jump in for trip around the Happy House compound.
For our teenage boys, he is a father figure and friend.
To our Mama Sue he is her everything. 
As she has said herself, so many times, "He is the wind beneath my wings"
So today, Papa from all of us, all over the world, thank you and Happy Birthday.