Saturday, 14 April 2018

Computer fun

 Kids love computers and we are using the school holidays to brush up on their computer skills. 
The high school scholarship students are coming in to assist the primary pupils.
This time we only have the home kids as the government is not allowing children to go into school in the holidays.
We have different groups at different stations being helped by their fellow kids under the supervision of the teachers.
Different programmes are in place for all the age groups.
 At the end of the holiday we will have presentations done by the kids to see how effective the exercise has been,
Our kids like learning computers and are really enjoying the activities they are having. Mama always tells them that computers are being used everywhere nowadays and it is very important for them to have the computer knowledge and skills because these will play a huge part in their futures,
Many schools around do not have computers. 
Being a Happy House kid is a golden opportunity for all the children as they  can access resources like the computers as early as from the KGs.
 At the moment we have only twenty five working computers to serve a growing number of children. 
Some of them have been in use for years and we are trying to keep them going for as long as we can. But we know their life is limited as we are allready experiencing challenges with some of them.
We are  thankful to everyone who has helped us to quip our school and our computer room and who make it possible for Happy House kids to have a head start in technology.
It is already making a difference to their lives.