Monday, 9 April 2018

Camila leaves for home

There is no easy way to say goodbye...
After three months volunteering with our family at the Happy House, Camila Domenge has returned to her home and Family in Mexico.
She has been a huge help, assisting in school and sharing her knowledge of computer skills to show our teachers how to use Excel which will make their job so much easier at exam results time.
Camila has also worked with Mr Omoi on computer lessons for our kids and on updating our website.
Her input in school has been invaluable, and she has always been around to help when the kids get home to Happy House or have been on school holidays.
She has been popular with our staff and to our children she has become a new friend. 
So on her last day, Papa's  birthday, his party was also a farewell party for Camila.  A chance for the whole Happy House family,home and school, to say thank you and to say goodbye.
Mama Sue thanked her for all she had done on behalf of all the family.
Camila said Happy House had gained far more than she had given and that she would carry our children's faces home with her, in her heart.
One of our kids, Musyoka,sent these words to add to this blog
It has been so hard for us to see our beloved Camilla going back to Mexico.
She has been a very good visitor to the Happy House family she has also helped teachers and pupils in computer work.
We are so sad to see her going back home but as we know that it is a must for her to go back and see her family again but we hope that she will come back to the Happy House family and join the family once again. 
We shall miss her so much