Sunday, 29 April 2018

Happy meals, by Samson

Everybody was happy when the school closed for the holidays.
In the first week we  had computer fun.  We learnt a lot of things including about sending and receiving messages through emailing.
 Then the second week we had spellings and times table competitions I was among the ones who were good in times table and in spelling I was also perfect! This week we had home visiting for the Happy House kids to go and visit their grandpas and grandmas at home.
 With Mama Sue we did pancakes for snacks for the ones who remained behind. They were sweet and delicious.
 The pancakes were finger-licking and you could have as many as you would like to eat. 
Everyone enjoyed the pancakes that were cooked by our lovely Mama. 
We also had burgers for lunch which were also delicious as well.
I LOVE EATING BURGERS, thank you Mama.