Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Enhancing lives with specialist help

Our children come from many different backgrounds but all shoulder the heavy burden of hardship, tragedy or abuse.
Once they are with us, we give them love, care, protection and education. Our aim is to give them something to smile about, a childhood to enjoy, and to put hope into their hearts.
Our social worker Uncle Ronnie says:" Our support ensures both physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual healing.
" What we cannot offer here we make sure we can access by referrals through proper channels. 
"We referred two of our boys; Katana Francis 13, and Khalid Ali 12 to ‘Furaha Phonix Kinderhaus’ which is a special home helping street children. 
"The two had been on the streets before joining us. We supported them as much as we could but they were in need of more specialised psychological support.
"After three months there, they have to come back to Happy House having benefited from the counselling they have received.
"As we brought them home, we took Moffin and Daudi, also rescued from the streets, for a stay at Furaha Phonix.
"They have been with us since 2016 but have struggled to adopt our Happy House ways, retaining the behaviour and language of the streets.  We are sure they will benefit from the special guidance and counselling and look for to their return to Happy House.
 "We are keep a close eye on them with phone calls and visits to ensure they are well and settled.

Picture at Furaha Phonix are  manager Evarlyn ,Papa Dave, Mama Sue, Daudi, Moffin, Khalid, Katana, (administrator) and Samson (social worker) .