Monday, 19 March 2018

Packages of kindness

We are always incredibly grateful to our friends who support us in so many ways.
Brenda Groves is one of our oldest and most loyal friends, having been supporting Sue's work from the earliest days,
Brenda and her husband Red, have visited many times as have other members of their family.
Brenda likes to send occasional parcels out to Happy House with useful and essential items for our kids, but knowing how we have to pay import duty on every parcel we receive, she always makes a donation to cover it.
She is in the sponsor family of our Charity, whilst her brother, Terry, sponsors  Brian Hayward and scholarship student Lovinne, and her granddaughter, Chloe, is in Said's sponsor family. Her husband Red is in Emmanuel's sponsor family.
As a family, they care deeply about our Happy House family.
Thank you  Brenda for your latest parcel and for the paying the cost of import duty and for a donation of £15 to buy a chair for school  - it's shown in the picture with (from left) Brian, Charity and Said. 
Our joiner Charo is currently making the 83 chairs we need to meet all our needs in school, at a cost of £15 each. 
Thank you, Brendam  and your family for being wonderful and encouraging sponsors to the kids whose lives you enrich and for all the support you give to our family..
Anyone who would like to know more about sponsoring a child should visit  or email: