Friday, 9 March 2018

Clinic call

Once a week, there is a special clinic day  for people living with HIV Aids at Timboni Community Dispensary,
And it is there that we take those children, in our care at Happy House, who need ongoing treatment for HIV.
Specialist doctors from Bomu Hospital in Mombasa attend the clinic where they provide their services free of charge.
They have been impressed with the ever-improving health of the kids we are taking there,  and have treated them to gifts of school shoes, watches and stationery.
Yesterday, Mama, Papa, Aunty Millicent and social worker Uncle Ronald when to visit the clinic and to thank the staff there.
Uncle Ronald says: "They were very pleased to see us and also pleased with what we are doing in helping children. The viral load of our kids affected by HIV had gone down and they healthy and active."
Mama, Auntie Millicent, Uncle Ronald  are picture with Christine who is in charge of operations at the dispensary.
Christine was delighted to receive a gift of secondhand clothing, surplus to our needs, that she can distribute to her clients in need.