Friday, 16 March 2018

It's snow joke!

There was amazement from Dulla when he received a picture of last week's snow in UK from his sponsors Norma and Pat Smith.
Uncle Ronnie, our social worker, explained what snow is and just how cold it is.
 Dulla, who feels chilly when the rains come and the temperatures drop to the mid-20s, found it hard to imagine how Norma and Pat could deal with such cold.
They have been sponsoring Dulla since he was living at Happy House and were happy to continue their support when it was possible for him and his sister, Rehema, to return to live with their mum.
They come into Happy House school every day and Dulla , who is now in class 3, has just celebrated his ninth birthday.
Our children love receiving emails, postcards or letters from their sponsors and to learn about their families, their pets, their work and their weather!
Every message opens another window on the world and broadens their outlook of life.
Thank you Norma and Pat for your love and your friendship for Dulla
If you would like to know more about sponsoring a Happy  House kid, please email:
Together we change lives.