Thursday, 5 July 2018

Meet our family Auntie Phillis

Cooking for our huge family at home and school falls to our masterchef, Auntie Phillis.
Providing meals for our children at home plus those in school is a massive task adding up to more than 800 meals every day - plus snacks for mid morning break!
Menu planning is essential and Auntie Phillis agrees with Mama  the dishes for each day of the week so that the ordering and shopping can done accordingly.
Having an efficient work space is absolutely essential and Auntie Phillis and her helpers have both an excellent indoor and outdoor kitchen.
The outdoor kitchen was replaced earlier this year when the existing one waS proving unworkable as it was too small, need constant repair and just no longer fit for purpose.
Now Auntie Phillis has a wonderful new space, which is where all the cooking is done, using traditional sofia pots and a wood fueled brick oven.
On today's video, Auntie Phillis and Mama tell you more about the day to day routine of feeding our family and take you on a tour of the kitchen.