Saturday, 7 July 2018

Meet the Family: Auntie Millicent

Today we meet Auntie Millicent,  a house auntie, who involved in the day-to-day care of the 73 children living in our family at the Happy House.
One of her responsibilities is ensuring our children have all they need for home and school, - and that includes clothes that fit! 
Once they grow out of something they go to Auntie Millicent and she will find them something in their size from the storeroom - logging very item in or out.  
Everything is donated, or bought with money that has been donated, so accounting for everything, right down to a toothbrush, is our duty to each of those people who work so hard to help us.
Auntie Millicent liaises with Uncle Ronald and Mama on any issues that may arise, including health matters, and with the other house aunties to ensuring they work as a team to give our kids the very best of care in the cleanest and happiest environment.. 

Birthday girl

There was just one birthday to celebrate this week at Kidz Club.
There were greetings and songs to congratulate Purity who is turning 11 - and gifts too, of course.
In the singing contest, which has become a highlight of each Kidz Club, the girls took on the boys.
Auntie Rose was the judge and she chose the boys as the this week's winners