Friday, 6 July 2018

Meet the Family: Janet, Evans and Oscar

Three of the first children to come into our family when Happy House opened in 2010, were Janet and her younger brothers, Evans, and Oscar.
At the time we were still waiting for containers from the UK arrive and had little furniture and it was a bit like camping!
The three kids, a tight family unit, have happy memories of those days and the toys they played with.
The youngsters were in need of a home because, after the death of their father, their mother was struggling and unable to keep her family together.
These three  youngsters had been staying with an aunt who looked after them the best she could, but she too was struggling and they came into our safe care.
They settled in straight away, loved school and worked hard.
After a few years it was possible, they went back to live with their auntie but remain within the Happy House attending our school and being actively involved in all we do. 
As she is approaching her final year in secondary school, Janet has returned to Happy House to live for the time being to give her more time to study.
Today, these three young people, the future of our Happy House, talk with Auntie Rose about their lives and their hopes for the future,