Thursday, 26 July 2018

Meet the family: Chickens get a new home

When a local water official and his family gave Mama and Papa some poultry for our family, we only had a small coop to keep them in.
We know that to get the best of of our feathered friends they need space to run, roost and lay and where they are safe from predators.
And as there were five cockerels and five hens it turned out to be a volatile mix, so some hat to go for the pot as the cockerels were always fighting.
The cockerel and his hens now have a splendid new run,  built by our joiner Uncle Charo, and where we hope they will produce chicks to add to our flock.
It would be wonderful to have our own source of eggs.
Uncle Ronald gives you a tour of the chicken house on today's video.