Sunday, 22 July 2018

Meet the family: Lydia, Jessica,. Brian and Harry

Two young Haywards on the blog with Mama and Papa today - Brian and Harry.
Both eight, they have been with us since they were newborn. Harry was a foundling and Brian an abandoned baby.
They are joined by Jessica who came to our family with her brother Stephano, and sister, Purity, in 2015 and Lydia, the eldest of three youngsters who were rescued from extreme neglect in 2016.
She and her brother Joshua and sister Faith now have a lovely life, as do all our kids, at Happy House.
We are conscious that our usual Kidz Blog is limited to the older children, so by doing a video chat it widens it to every age group.
On this video tMama and Papa get the childrenchatting - and singing.
We hope you will enjoy it.