Saturday, 3 February 2018

Tanks see Happy House through crisis

Happy House fared well during a major water crisis which  caused major Mombasa and Kilifi County.
 On January 19, the Kenya Power cut electricity supply at Baricho Water Works in Kilifi County after the Coast Water Services Board (CWSB) failed to clear a bill of Sh60 million.
As a result, about 1.5 million Mombasa and Kilifi County residents, as well as hotels, hospitals, schools and factories have been hit by water shortage. 
 Fortunately at Happy House the effect was minimal as we had enough water stored in  our tanks and salt water from the boreholes really helped doing washing, bathing, flushing toilets and general cleaning.
Fresh water was conserved for cooking and drinking only to preserve our stocks.
The biggest drawback was the laundry.
Unable to use the washing machines, which require fresh water, our aunties did all the washing (and we have piles every day!) by hand, with the kids helping at the weekend. Thankfully, the county government of Kilifi stepped in this week to settle the bill and has said it would put mechanisms in place to ensure it would not happen again.