Sunday, 25 February 2018

Myself, by Oscar

Happy House kid Oscar Chengo is taking over the blog today.
Oscar came to Happy House when it opened in 2010 with older brother Evans and sister,Janet. when things got better for their family, they were able to go to live with their aunt and are coming into Happy House school every day.
My name is Oscar. I am a boy and I am 11 years old.
I like playing football.
I am in class six and myclass teacher is called Mr Kelvin, he teaches us maths and science. I like him because he is friendly to everybody.
My best subject is science. 
My best friend is Francis. I like him because he helps me with things I don't understand.
I live with my aunt at home, my brother Evans and my sister also live with my aunt.
My favourite food is chips with chicken.