Sunday, 11 February 2018

Baking a cake, by Jacinta

Jacinta enjoys helping in the kitchen at Happy House and specially likes baking, as she tells us here.
It was on Saturday, many months ago, that we were told to go and help in the kitchen as it was a day for a party for mama.
This party was all about mama when she and papa were coming back from visiting England.
I was selected to go and help in the kitchen to bake a cake for her so we went and organize the things for the baking
Things like:
Icing sugar
Blue Band
Hot water
After making the cake mix we took the cake to the oven until it had baked and then we helped to apply the iciing.
Then at the party and they all enjoyed it and they said that those of us who were in the kitchen baked an amazing cake.
Everyone  enjoyed it and I was told that I would be selected for baking a cake another time.