Saturday, 24 February 2018

Happy talk

Happy House friends Natasha Wenman and her dad, Russell, who volunteered with our family in 2015 were delighted to give a talk to the Gaddesden Society.
Gaddesen, in Hertfordsire, is where Russell lives and the society hosts talks four times a year on a variety of subjects, often charity related.
Natasha, who has visited the Happy House twice more since they volunteered, her most recent visit this year, said: We put together a presentation all about the Happy House and our trips there.
People seemed very interested and inspired by the stories and the work the Happy House does.
I’m not one for public speaking but when it’s something I feel passionate about once I get started I enjoy talking, also having my Dad there with me and starting off really helped!
Happy House is such an amazing place so a pleasure to talk about and hopefully to get more people supporting the charity.
A local artist also drew a picture for the poster which was lovely and we were given the original copy.
Hopefully it’s the start of doing a few more talks to spread the word about the wonderful Happy House.