Monday, 15 January 2018

Someone to lean on

There is an early start today for Mama, Papa and Uncle Ronnie as they take Francis to be Tawfiq Hospital in Malindi to be measured for a frame which will be made to support the leg and hip affected by the serious bone infection osteomeylitis. Thanks to your generosity we will be able to pay for the frame and his initial treatment, but we have no idea, at the moment, what lies ahead for Francis, 13. But one thing we do know  is that he will never be short of someone to lean on!His Happy House friends are rallying round to do all they can to keep him smiling and to help him get around as this pictur with Stephano (left) and Oscar(right) illustrates,We are grateful to everyone who has made a donation and for your good wishes.In a country with no free healthcare, every bit of medical treatment, dressings, appliances and medication must be paid for.
You can help keep Francis on the road to recover by making a donation at :