Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Carry on building into 2018!

 The New Year holiday didn't stop progress on our new classrooms.
With the clock ticking towards the start of the new academic year, work carried on throughout.
While, after the poles had been stripped and treated, the timber frame has been going up for the roof ready to be thatched with makuti, which is locally made from the sun dried leaves of the coconut plam, the inside walls are being plastered.
While they might not be quite ready for students to take their places today when school goes back, the classrooms will be finished very soon indeed.
Mama, Papa and their carefully chosen team are successfully pulling off a task that would make Hercules proud.
When I left Kenya just over two weeks ago, Mama had just asked our builder Charo to get started the following  day.
Money is always a worry, and with prices rising and nothing for contingencies, we knew we might not be able to finish and furnish all four classrooms in one phase.
But there was no time to lose and we wanted to do what could to have at least one classroom ready in first couple of weeks of the term for our first Secondary Standard 3 to move into.
Thanks to Mama and Papa's management and to a sterling team, and to you for your donations, we are set fair do that.
To make a donation please go to:https://www.justgiving.com/childrenofwatamu/Donate