Friday, 12 January 2018

Please put Francis on the road to recovery

Our Happy House family is rallying round to support our Francis who is suffering from a serious bone infection, osteomyelitis
And today, we are appealing to you to help get Francis, 13, well again
There is no national health service in Kenya, and we hope you, your friends and your colleagues to help us raise the money we will need to pay for his treatment.
His worried and anxious Mama Sue is so upset for the youngster who will have to endure a long course of treatment.
And as she explains in her video, we are looking at a minimum of £2000, even if we can negotiate some discounts, and over time the costs of treatment could escalate to more than double that.
Mama, Papa and Uncle Ronnie took him to see an orthopaedic consultant at Tawfiq private hospital in Malindi  earlier this week because they were concerned that he was walking badly, and on a second visit were told blood tests indicated osteomeylitis.  
Mama Sue, said: "Francis is being very brave, but when we were waiting he was holding on to my hand so tightly, while Papa was playing games with him on the iPad to try to distract him, so I know he wasn't feeling as brave as he was pretending to be..
"He's our Francis. He came to us as just a little boy when we first opened Happy House with his brother and sister  Musyoka and Mwende. They were with us for five years before they were able to go back to live with their Grandad two years ago, with our continuing support.
"They only came back a few months ago because their school had deteriorated and they settled in like they'd never been away.
"It's upsetting to see him poorly and trying to be brave. He's going to school, but the other kids are looking after him and carrying his books for him and he has Musyoka and Mwende.
"He is one of my kids, one of my family, and I am worried. I don't like to think of him having to go through all the procedures the consultant is talking about. But we will get him right, we must.
"Money is always a worry for us,and we are having to appeal to you to help.
"Living in a country where there is no free healthcare means people go untreated if they do not have the funds, we cannot let osteomyelitis blight Francis' life.
"He is a bright, kind and thoughtful boy who deserves the best chance."
Please can you hold a Francis Fundraiser, maybe a coffee morning or get together at your home, a cake sale at work, or a raffle.  Every £ or euro will help get Francis back on his feet and running about with his brothers and sisters.
If you need any more information to help with fundraising please contact Elizabeth: