Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Betty meets Salama at last

 Over the years she has been in Salama's sponsor family, Betty Hatch has sent her letters, cards and gifts.
And for grandmother, Betty, from Essex, hearing back about her girl from Happy House has always been a great joy. 
So when she was told that Salama and her younger brothers, Ushindi and Harrison,  were able, with our continuing support, to go home to live with their mum,Betty was delighted for them.
So it was very special on Saturday when Betty's long-held her wish came true and she got to meet Salama for the very first time.
Betty is visiting Watamu with her son,Paul, and Mama Sue arranged for Salama,12, and her brothers to come to visit and to join in the fun of a show our kids were putting on for Betty, Paul and another of our friends  Carol Sohier
The kids did dancing, singing, acrobatics and had great fun apple bobbing.
David strutted his stuff doing the kamba with Musyoka.
It was an enjoyable afternoon for everyone.