Sunday, 6 August 2017

Our magic is your doing, by Moses

Moses is a talented yound man who education was punctuated with long gaps out of school because of financial constraints on his family, until he was given a free scholarship place at Happy House school.
Three years on, he has passed his KCPE and is now in our secondary school and getting ever nearer his goal of becoming a doctor.
He writes:
Hi everyone, I am form two  secondary student in this lovely and joyful Happy House family.
I just want you to know that am glad to be called one of the kids in Happy House.
I am now in the third year of getting a scholarship and being in this lovely family living the  lovely life I had been longing to live so that I could secure my  future. This is thanks to your help and our  nurturing mum Mama sue.
I had been struggling for so long because of my background, dreaming of th education to take me towards my goals and ambitions. Now my dream has come true. 
This has been brought about by you and your support that helps to make the Happy House magic.
The spirit in this land of opportunity is soaring. We believe in Happy House Power and  Girl Power too. 
Thank you so much for supporting the Happy House, my friends say they have seen so many changes in me since I came to Happy House.
We scholarship students had nothing to laugh or smile about before coming here, but now we can always smile because those difficulties in education are gone. That is Happy House magic.
We also have healthy foods which boost our learning power and because of this we all look "Wow"!
Thank you for making it possible for us kids.

We need your support NOW

 We desperately need people to sponsor a child, from abject poverty, who is only in school because they have a free place at Happy House School on our Dr Danwata Scholarship Scheme.
Each of the students pictured here with Mama Sue needs a sponsor. 
Of our 93 scholarship students, we have 55 without sponsors.
 Not just to help support their education financially but also to become a friend who will, through emails, letters and postcards, open another window on their world and to encourage them in their studies.
It costs just £20 a month to sponsor a scholarship student and to light up a life.
£20 provides all a youngster needs - schooling, uniform, books, PE kit plus nourishing breakfast, lunch and snacks.
 Please tell your friends about us, encourage them to sponsor; hold a fundraising event or make a one-off donation.
Together we ARE changing lives and together we will change many more

For details of how to set up a sponsorship please email: