Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Fired up to work hard

Just  some of our kids attending assembly
 As we launched our Classrooms for Kids Appeal, aimed at raising £7,000 to add to new classrooms to our secondary school by January, our Happy House kids were settling down to work for the toughest term of the year.
In the Kenya education system, progression from one form to another depends on performance and the end of year exams, coming up in late October early November, are crucial.
And because of the General Election, which was last month, the coming term is also the shortest our teachers have ever known.
Both them and their students are all geared up to do continue to do their very best, which is all we ask of them.
For our Class 8 Primary students this term brings the crucial national exam, the KCPE, the results of which will determine whether they move on to secondary school.
At the opening day assembly, Mama Sue, who inspires everyone she meets with her own dedication and drive, told the kids how they can fulfil their hopes and dreams through staying focused and working hard at their lessons.
Mama is a motivational force and talks personally to every child, from kindergarten upwards, about their school work and their aspirations.
And after listening intently to what she had to say to them all collectively at assembly, and with more encouraging words from the school head, Mr Isaac, students headed off to class all fired up for the challenging time ahead.
Please can you support our building fund by making a donation or holding a fundraising event.   In the first day  £110 has been raised by supporter and sponsor Fiona Lockyer and her friends.
Fiona and her twin daughters Hebe and Imogen, who have been supporting the Happy House for a number of years, will be visiting Watamu and our family in December and are looking forward to seeing the building work in progress.
With their help and yours it will be.
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