Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Aiming high!

The thrills and spills of being an acrobat were demonstrated to our kids when Mama invited a team of professional tumblers from Malindi to put on a show at Happy House.
The skill of the four-man team, who work together entertaining local and tourists in local hotels and restaurants captivated our youngsters who watched intently.
Using precision moves they performed extraordinary and thrilling gymnastic and tumbling routines for their excited audience who were watching every act of agility, coordination and skill.
After their show, the acrobats spent three hours working with our would-be acrobats showing them how its done.
With patience they explained and demonstrated their moves and got the kids, and teachers, taking part.
Madam Getry and Mr Isaac leading the way for the teachers!
It was a fun time for everyone and the pros will be returning for a second workshop soon.
Sports tutor Mr Steve said: "We thank Mama Sue for the brilliant ideas she has had to take this activity forward, not only did we have acrobats to demonstrate but also to show us how to do what they do.
"Mama always says "You can be the best you can be if you try hard and want to be.
" And at Happy House our kids all want and believe that they can be the best and make Happy House the best."