Sunday, 20 August 2017

Happy holidays by Hassan

Today's blog is written by Hassan, younger brother of last week's blogger, Maria.
They were two of the first members of our family, arriving soon after we opened in 2010.
Having maintained strong links with their aunt who lives in the Gongoni area, we were able to reunite them as a family in 2015.
We continue to meet the costs of their schooling and healthcare.
We check on them often and they have just been back to Happy House for a visit.
Hassan writes:
 I have come to Happy House for a holiday and also to visit my family members and my lovely Mama and Papa.
I like being home but I miss my friends and Mama Sue and Papa, because I was with them for a long time.
 The thing that I have been doing is playing games like football, netball and volleyball. 
I also learnt some acrobats styles, and I was the best among them all.
I really had a nice time with them all, and I’m pleased to be with Mama and Papa too.
 I also enjoy the pizzas on a Saturday they were really nice and tasty.
 May God bless our beautiful and lovely Mama Sue