Sunday, 13 August 2017

My holiday at Happy House, by Maria

Brother and sister Hassan and Maria were two of the first members of our family, arriving sooner after we opened in 2010.
Having maintained strong links with their aunt who lives in the Gongoni area, they were able to go to live with her in late 2015, whilst we continue to support the costs of their education in a local school and any healthcare costs.
They have settled well. They came back for the reunion last Christmas and are always delighted to see Mama, Papa and Uncle Ronnie when they visit,
In this school holidays they asked Mama if they could come for a "home" visit and, naturally, she said yes.
Maria, 16, has written today's blog.
" I am very glad to be here with  Mama Sue and  I really enjoy this holiday. 
We have done so many activities like learning playing football and going for nature walk. 
We have really learnt much,  Mr. Isaac has really helped me in some of the weak subjects like mathematics and science.
Mama Sue really cares for us and I really love her.  She loves small kids and everyone else in the Happy House family.
 On Saturday we normally take pizzas for lunch and enjoy them so much. I also enjoy cooking in the kitchen and washing utensils too. Making coffee is the best thing I like to do.
 All the snacks, lunch and dinner are all good for me and for my health as they are for all the children. The room which I sleep is really good, I like the bed, lockers and breeze. My room captain is Rukia and how lovely she is.
She is kind, polite, honest and a good role model for young people.
 I also learnt some of the good manners like please, thank you, pardon, excuse me please and so many different words from Rukia and the other kids. 
Mama Sue is always good and she likes kids with good behaviours..  
Having such a beautiful home like Happy House is such a privilege and opportunity."