Saturday, 2 August 2014

The best of both worlds

It's coming up to four months since three little ones who came to our family when their single mums were too sick to cope, went back home to live.
Artist Dulla
Brother and sister, Rehema and Dulla  had arrived several months earlier and at almost the same time as little Ricky.
Both mums are on medication for terminal illness and the respite provide while their children were with us allowed them to get their medication on track, build themselves up and to get work.
With the mums so much better, Mama and Uncle Billy agreed it was in the children’s best interests to be with their mothers but would remain within our own Happy House family, continuing to attend school and holiday club at the with  free education, transport, uniform, books, meals and healthcare.
This also means we can monitor their situations on a regular basis to ensure that all is well and to step in immediately should either of the mums need our support.
Uncle Billy says:"The three little people are doing so well at home and in school.They attend regularly and  are ever jovial whilst participating fully in all class and co-curricular activities.
Dulla enjoys drawing while Rehema likes singing and dancing.
Ricky is good with colouring and relates well with his peers
They are happy at home with their mums and but are always looking forward to daytime when they join their friends in our school."