Thursday, 21 August 2014

Mama's news

Last week I went to see Dr Danwata my oncologist for a check up, which was really overdue.
 He arranged for me to have a mammogram and a bone density scan.
It was strange to be back in his office I felt rather nervous as I had, after all, received the terrible news that I have breast cancer in that same office. 
As always Dr Danwata made Dave and I feel so at ease and assured us the checks were purely routine.
I see him again on the  September 8.
 Dr Danwata is Nigerian and once told us about how he had originated from very humble beginnings and how family friends and neighbours had put together to give this very bright little boy an education. We explained about our ever growing family and he said. ‘An education is the best gift that can ever be given to a child. Once it is inside no one can ever take it away.’
 During the time I was having my treatment he kept me focused and positive, he was truly amazing in his own quiet positive way.
This is why when I returned to Kenya, fit and well, I knew I still had so much to do. We decided to start a  Scholarship Scheme, for children who had no chance of every completing their education. In honour of Dr Danwata I decided to call it the Dr Danwata Scholarship Scheme. He was truly delighted. 
We are now arranging an awareness evening at Preston Hospital. We desperately need more funds and sponsors for these young people, and also so we will be able to extend the scheme in Primary and on into Secondary education. There is also a page on our website regarding this very important scheme
 If you need further information regarding this very important scheme please do not hesitate to contact me  or Elizabeth Gomm our Volunteer Uk Coordinator and Trustee
 NEXT !!
 My lovely Dave and I are here in the UK at the moment  on advice from Steve Mannion, a top class orthopaedic surgeon.
He wanted to review an operation I had done in Mombasa on a leg I managed to fractured in five places.
Mr Mannion was the specialist who did revision surgery on my hip last year.
I saw him a few weeks ago and went back again this week. He is pleased with how the leg is healing. He had been concerned the plate that had been inserted in a Mombasa Hospital may not hold once I started weight bearing.
 If it had failed, there would have been nothing they could do in Mombasa, and it would be impossible for me to then return to the UK. Thankfully it seems to be doing so.
 I am swimming most days to strengthen the muscles and next week I will need more x-rays and start physiotherapy.
 At first it was thought I would need to be here for six months, such a long time for us to be away from our beautiful children, and a long time for them to be without Mama and Papa. 
The good news this week, apart from the leg healing, is that we will probably be able to return home by the end of October. I have struggled with being away from the children, but I know Rose and Uncle Billy are doing a brilliant job of keeping everything together. We Skype most days and discuss everything. I write to the children and Billy reads it out at Kidz Club, we then connect up and the children sing for us..... yes, I cry every Tuesday afternoon!
 Thank you all for visiting us, emailing and just showing how much you care. This love has been greatly needed and truly appreciated.
 Love and best wishes,
 Mama Sue & The Lovely Papa Dave xx