Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Friends come to call

 It's just so nice for Mama and Papa to be seeing so many friends while they are here in the UK.
These visits really do make it much easier for them to cope with being so far away from the Happy House and the family they love.
Yesterday Fiona Lockyer, who lives in Sutton Coldfield, and her twin daughters Hebe and Imogen, who had been staying in Manchester for the weekend popped over to Blackpool for a day out with a call on Mama and Papa at the top of their list.
Fiona, who sponsors Baraka, and Hebe and Imogen, who are in the family of twins Jonathan and James, have visited Watamu several times and were eager to catch up on Happy House news and there's nothing Mama likes talk about more than her kids!
Fiona also brought over a cheque for £500, a donation from the charity fundraising at the Ramada Hotel, Sutton Coldfield, where she is general manager. The charity fund makes annual donations to their chosen local, national and international charities.
We are so grateful to everyone there for this very kind donation.
It was equally lovely to have a call from more good friends of the Happy House family, Jill
and Mick Armstrong.
Not only are they in the sponsor families of Mwende and Charity, they also pay an amount every month into the Happy House account to help with medical fees.
Mama says: " We met Jill and Mick lunch  one day and had a lovely catch up. I am not going to mention Mick falling into the canal whilst out on a bike ride!
"Jill and Mick very kindly gave us a generous donation towards our weekly shopping bill."
Donations like these - Jill and Mick paid their donation through JustGiving yielding an additional 25p for each pound in Gift Aid - are a godsend at a time when we are facing such a bleak time because tourism is as such a low ebb.
It was good news to hear from the general manager at Turtle Bay hotel, Damien Davies, that some tour operators are still operating (Hayes and Jarvis will be resuming package holidays in December) and the Kenya Government is underwriting travel insurance with AIG.