Wednesday, 20 August 2014

School Report: Holiday happiness

  Mr Omoi and Madam Naomi bring us this week's School Report:
You never hear a Happy House kid moaning "I'm bored" ... they are just too busy for that!
Having a holiday club gives both our own family children, scholarship kids and day pupils a chance to meet up for fun and sport activities.
These include swimming, games, computer, storytelling, debate, reading and watching dvds,
It's also a chanceto look at subject areas where a child may need to improve and to set some activities that will help.
All the kids really want to do well and there's not a single complaint when someone suggests a maths activity. They jump in and get on with it wanting to be the best they can be.
It's just the same with every other subject too and the kids know when the new term beginning the extra concentration will give them a better start.