Wednesday, 13 August 2014

School Report: Taking in history

 Teacher, Mr Alphan, brings us this week's School Report with exciting news about the last week of term.
Learning about the history and heritage of their country is very important in Happy House School.
Our upper primary children enjoyed an educational trip to Fort Jesus in Mombasa - a fort built by the Portugese in the 16th century, where the children learnt a great deal about their history and also about the first European to visit the Kenyan coast, Portugese explorer Vasco Da Gama.
They heard about the pillar, made of marble, Da Gama had constructed in Malindi to commemorate the treaty between his country and Malindi.
The children admired the beautiful architecture of the Fort which, from the air, has the shape of a man.
The tour guide led us through the various sites in the Fort after giving us a brief history of the Fort.
Last week we ended our 13 week term ,in which everything has been good and in order, with our closing day ceremony.
We had entertainment from different groups starting from baby class and other activities which involved pupils from different classes, with trophies being awarded to the two best primary classes.
The best class in the lower primary was class one and in upper primary class four. 
Later, the parents and the pupils received the files and report books from the respective class teachers.
The ceremony end with prayer led by one of our parent.