Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Warm welcome

After the soaring temperatures of Kenya, Mama Sue might be finding Blackpool in March a bit chilly, but it was more than offset by the warm welcome she received at the resort's Grange Park Open Door Project.
The generous community group kindly sponsors eight-year-old Rose, with members each paying a weekly contribution.
Sue has visited the group on a number of occasions to speak about her children and her charity, and was sad to hear that this time would be her the last time there with the Rev Judith Wray, who will be moving to Leicester in the summer.
But Judith, who has been a great support, will stay in contact with Sue and the charity as will the Open Door Project.
Sue says:"I always love going to Open Door. It has such a warm and friendly atmosphere
"I know they will miss Judith and wish her every happiness - I know we will stay in touch."
Sue, accompanied by  Elizabeth Gomm, talked about Rose, the family, and the school.
It was a lovely morning. Thank you everyone at Open Door.
Seeds wanted 
Sue has added to her wish list for anyone wanting to bring something along to the charity night on Friday for our family.
As you know we are trying to become self-sufficient in fruit and veg, and that means we need lots of seeds.
Cabbage, pumpkins, green beans, sweet melons, tomatoes, cucumbers etc are among the crops we have already tried with success.