Monday, 12 March 2012

Family thanks Jon Gomm

A big thank you to musician Jon Gomm for sharing his talent with our family.
Jon is generously giving a percentage of the money from his pay-what-you-want download singles Passionflower and Message in a Bottle to the Happy House.
And to date that amounts to a fantastic £512.17 for our family
And his mum, Elizabeth, a trustee and voluntary UK coordinator of the charity and her good friend and fellow volunteer Lynn McCluskey presented Jon with a thank-you certificate from Mama Sue and our 58 kids when he was playing his final free-entry pub gig, to a rammed Prince Arthur, Lord Street, Fleetwood.
His Passionflower has zoomed past 1.5million views on Youtube - thanks to the likes of serial-tweeter Stephen Fry and sharing website Reddit. With repostings it has reached well over two million!
After 10 years on the road, gigging with his beautiful but battered Lowden guitar, Wilma, and achieving cult status among his thousands of fans, Jon is achieving the acclaim he deserves with offers flooding in from around the world.
He starts a tour of  Belgium and Holland this week,followed by tours of Australia, Germany, Poland and Portugal and a national UK Guitar Masters tours  with fellow guitar legends Andy McKee and Preston Reed in the autumn.
Find out more at
Mama's in town
It's lovely to have Mama in town.  Today she's visiting Grange Park Open Door Project, Blackpool, who are so looking forward to seeing her and catching up on all the Happy House news. 
And, yes kids, we ARE looking after her and your Mama sends you all a great big hug!
We'll be following her week right here on the blog.