Friday, 16 March 2012

Class act at Devonshire School

Sue and Elizabeth continued their Happy House double act when they were guests of the school council at Devonshire School, Blackpool.
The council members, all children, wanted to know all about what's happening at the Happy House and the progress being made by two year old Brian, who they have been sponsoring since he joined our family as a newborn, abandoned in hospital.
It was a really lovely interlude in a busy day. The youngsters had so many questions for us to answer and were fascinated by stories of the Happy House and our kids. 
The expression on their faces,  as they listened to us speak, illustrated the depth of their feeling. As children themselves they can put themselves in the shoes of our children and try, as much as they can, to identify with the tragic circumstances they have come from.
We so value the love and support of Devonshire School. They have a colourful display all about the Happy House and a file for parents and visitors to look at.
They are a wonderful extended family for Brian (Sue is pictured with headboy Jake and a picture of Brian).
Thank you to everyone for making us so welcome!
Today is the day
All set to party? We certainly hope so. Tonight  at 7pm the Happy House Charity Night and 2nd Birthday Party gets underway at the Hotel Sheraton, Blackpool, and we are aiming to raise a mega amount of money for our amazing family.
We have wonderful prizes to win, great auction lots, plus lots of fun, games and food (including cake!).
So put on your party shoes and get ready to have fun, fun, fun!
If you want a ticket we have just a few left so ring Elizabeth on 07905 130 589.They are £15 each.