Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Thanks to you

Our Happy House birthday party and charity night on Friday raised an amazing £9,081 - all thanks to you.
Without your help and support such an amazing total would have been impossible.
To everyone who helped in any way at all, by collecting or donating prizes, by bringing along cheque donations (which have been included in the total), to those who helped in the run up to the evening and on the night and, of course, special thanks to Dr Steve Cushing and Sheila Davies for the moving audio visual presentation and to Adam Plummer of A.D.S Entertainments, Fleetwood, who volunteered his services as DJ for the evening.
Everyone agreed, Adam, that you were simply the best!
For Sue and Dave, who had come so far to be with us, the evening was all we hoped. A wonderful party with the bonus of raising such a huge amount of money, with a matched donation of £3,000 still to come. 
We have to keep our bank balance growing, so that our family and the Happy House can grow too. It costs so much to provide an excellence of childcare and education, but second best is not an option. We will give our children, who have suffered so much, the best so that they, too, can be the best that they can be.
Without you - your love ,support and money over so many years- where would the 58 children who have joined our family in the last two years have been now?
The answer is too dreadful to contemplate. 
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
You know every penny raised will be carefully spent.
*More pictures from Friday will be on our Happy House page on Facebook today,  Please send me ( your best pictures (small files please) so that we can share those too,
You will now find our photo album at  please feel free yo add to our album!