Saturday, 3 March 2012

Building starts

Now the materials are all on site, building work is underway on the Happy House Primary School.
The first step is to create an external stairway to the roof space where the classrooms are going, giving the school its own entrance, by breaking through the existing concrete screen and also to build the perimeter wall up to the height needed.
As you can see it's a labour-intensive operation and is providing valuable and much-needed jobs for local men and women at a time when the tourist season is just slacking off and many will be out of work.
Happy birthday, Lesley
Many happy returns to Lesley Pidcock in Doncaster who, with her family, sponsors Janet and Natasha and who was the driving force behind Doncaster College's Entry Level Childcare  sponsoring baby David.
Lesley is celebrating her 50th birthday with a party and is very generously asking her guests to make donations to her favourite charity, our Happy House, instead of gifts.
Thank you Lesley for all you do for our family. You are a wonderful support and fundraiser and we wish you a fabulous day.