Sunday, 18 December 2011

Winter wedding bonus

Chris Franklin, a charity trustee, webmaster and a very good friend to Mama Sue, Papa Dave and our family is a gifted photographer.
Chris has captured many a happy occasion on camera and when asked to take the pictures at the wedding of friends' does so in return for a donation to the Happy House.
Chris has just photographed Jane and Jon Fishlock at their wedding in Devizes.
He says:" C
ongratulations to newly weds Jane & Jon Fishlock a great festive wedding with lots of *smiles* great food, fun guests and music from Indecision so good to meet so many friends. Loved taking the MANY photos - thanks to Jane & Jon for their generous donation to the Happy House
" I am sure their marriage will be blessed with lots of love and happiness".
Many congratulations Jon and Jane from all the Happy House family.