Friday, 16 December 2011

Thank you Clare and Carlow

A fun night of laughter and romance put everyone in the mood for Christmas when student Clare Mullins staged a live version of the hit TV dating  show "Take Me Out".
The event in Carlow, Ireland, has raised at least £705 for our Happy House family.
Clare, who discovered our family whilst travelling this summer, said that she was, at first, downhearted because of the terrible weather on the night.
"But when I stopped for a moment and looked around, there were all these smiling faces, happy people enjoying one another's company and the show I had organised and I couldn't help but smile feel cheered up.
"I keep having to remind myself that you have to start from the beginning and work your way up. It also takes time to make people aware of a charity that is new to people around here.
"The fact that everyone was having such a wonderful time and got so involved in helping really struck a chord with me. It filled my heart with joy, and made me determined to continue to try and help.
"Three wonderful young men, so interested in what I was doing , said they would love to work with me for the next couple of events too.They even took to the streets in the cold wet wind and sleet to encourage people to come in and watch the show and buy many raffle tickets!
"I have never seen such dedication! It brought a tear to my eye! I had two professional photographers there and they  even doubled up as raffle ticket sellers."
Clare (pictured at the Happy House with Mwende and Karembo) said: "Thank you to all my wonderful friends who have supported my fundraising work so far! I do have an official JustGiving donation page for the eventso if anyone would still like to make a donation they can do so online, any and every little thing helps!
A huge thank you to Clare and to everyone who made the evening such a success and to Clare for doing so much to raise awareness of our work in her home town.
Clare tells me she thinks "constantly" about our Happy House family and we hope it won't be too long before she has a chance to visit us again.
Mama Sue,  Papa Dave and all the kids send their love and greetings to Clare and all our new friends in Carlow.
*Pictures by Greenest Images