Friday, 23 December 2011

Party time

Oh what a party our children enjoyed when they were invited to Savannah Restaurant by owners Jackie and Mike.
There was a splendid meal of rice, sausages, chips and samosas followed by ice-cream , with juice and sodas to drink.
All shiny and polished, our children had a ball dancing to music by the dj and playing games.
Mama Sue tells me: "They all looked lovely in the clothes that they had worn for the wedding and were so polite and welll behaved.
"They danced their little legs off and ate and enjoyed everything they were offered.
"They then got together to sing three songs  and Evans, Janet and Margaret said thank you messages on behalf of our family to Jackie for such a lovely party."
Another big thank you to Jackie and everyone at Savannah for making it such a special start to Christmas for our kids.
We wish YOU a very merry Christmas.