Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Surprise for mama

There were special gifts for baby David and Mercy when their birthdays were celebrated at Kidz Club.
For David reaching one is a real milestone. Until October he was like a newborn and despite every effort Mama Sue and Uncle Billy had been able to find out what was wrong. Refusing to leave any stone unturned, they took him to a specialist centre where Down's Syndrome was confirmed.
With help from the Down's Syndrome Association in the UK, a programme of daily exercises was put together and he's making tremendous progress.
He can now hold his head up, roll over, kick his legs and interact - if you blow a raspberry he'll blow one back!
It's lovely to see him with his first birthday present.
Happy birthday David ... and Mercy too.
There was also a gift for Mama Sue - a surprise from Musyoka.
He's shown a talent with a needle and had crafted this very pretty heart just for her.
Uncle Billy tells me: "Musyoka said he had something to say and after clearing his throat he proudly said that he had a gift for Mama. It turned out to be nice gift sewn with cloth and other a heart shape. Aunty Coral had earlier told  Aunty Lynn that Musyoka was so good with the skills training in the process I would think."