Thursday, 29 December 2011

Going up!

Marco Narizzano is a regular visitor to Watamu and a very good friend to our Happy House family.
He works for the Bravo Group in Genova, Italy, and thanks to his very supportive colleagues there we now have a brand new water tank - big enough to cope with the demands of our family. 
Sue tells me: "We have known for quite a while that we needed a larger water tank, but as always the cost was prohibitive. 
"When we received the very generous donation from Marco and his colleagues at Bravo Tankers in Genova we knew we could buy the tank we need.
"As you can see by the pictures it was no easy job to get the tank 30 feet up on to the tower. 
"The tank itself holds 10,000 litres of water. As the family and the school are growing we needed a better water supply, for the toilets, washing and cleaning. We have to pump the water from the well and as the other tank was too small the pump was continually running and always in need of repair as it would burn itself out. Now it will pump to fill the tank and that will last us for around three days before we need to pump again.
"Marco his friends colleagues and family have been a great support to the Happy House Family from the beginning.
"When the Happy House was being built they raised funds for us to have a banda built in the garden so  the children could play in the shade."
Getting the tower on to the tank, using only manpower and with ropes instead of a crane, was quite a spectacle and everyone turned out to have a look!
Marco is due to arrive in Watamu shortly and everyone at the Happy House is so looking foward to seeing him again and showing him the splendid new tank.
Thank you Marco and friends at Bravo for you kindness and generosity.