Sunday, 9 January 2011

Pennies into £s!

Every penny counts at the Happy House, so thanks to Lucy and Paul Breeze for suggesting an easy way that everyone can raise a little bit more, writes Elizabeth Gomm.
They suggest you save all your spare coppers in a half litre or litre  plastic milk bottle and when it's full you can donate the contents to the Happy House.
I filled a half litre carton with 1p and 2p pieces just to see how much it added up to ... almost £8. It's a way  you can give without even noticing.
And a splendid idea to take into schools as every home has milk bottles.  When you have turned your pennies into  £s you can just pay it in via JustGiving or send it to me and I will bank it.
Lucy and Paul were interviewing me about the Happy House for their Best Kept Secrets programme on Preston FM  (103.2 or  listen online) which will be aired at 7pm on Friday.
Thank you to both of them for taking such an interest in our children.