Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Friends indeed

Sue's inspirational story and her absolute determination to make her Happy House vision a reality touched the hearts of the 100+ members of Barton Women's Institute, near Preston, when I spoke to them last night, writes Elizabeth Gomm.
They were keen to know as much as possible about the Happy House and were both saddened by the terrible start in life most of our children have endured and thrilled to hear how they thrive once the Happy House magic starts to work!
They were delighted that all the money raised by our charity goes directly to helping our children and of how child sponsorship has real meaning for both child and sponsor.
I took along the £1 Happiness Kits, kindly made by Kathryn Pidcock and friends, left over from our charity night ,and sold them all .. I wish I'd had twice as many!
By the end of a very friendly and pleasant evening I left with donations totalling £202, and many of the ladies took away leaflets and sponsor forms  so,  I hope, when they have had time to think about it, we will be welcoming them to our Happy House family.
Thank you Barton WI  for making me so welcome and for caring about our kids.
Both Lynn McCluskey and I are happy to talk to organisations and schools, if you are interested please email