Thursday, 13 January 2011

For Lily with love!

Stephanie Hill loves her little sponsor child, Lily, so much she  has put herself under the needle to get a tattoo in her honour, writes Elizabeth Gomm.
Stephanie, who lives  near Blackpool, had her elaborate creation of lilies tattooed on her back at Forever Tattoos in the resort.
"It's my little way of always having a piece of Lily with me. When she is a little bit older then she will know that she was in my thoughts everyday and it is something that won't ever fade," says Steph, who has done so much to help the Happy House by fundraising (including a  bungee jump and a Kenyan themed night).
"It  took about an hour and was done by a guy called Mel, he is great!," adds Steph.
" I love tattoos and I love Lily, so I combined the two and am so pleased with the result."
It's lovely to know how much our children are loved by their sponsors and everyone at the Happy House will be expecting to see that tattoo when you visit later in the year,  Steph.
Especially, one little girl!