Sunday, 2 January 2011

Back to school

Tomorrow the 3rd of January the children go back to school, so we decided to end the holidays with a boat trip. The children played in the sea until the boat arrived, not one of the kids or the staff had ever been on a boat before. When we set off there was some very unsure little faces, but as we got going everyone settled down and really enjoyed the ride. By the time we came back an hour later 10 of the little ones had gone to sleep, it must have been the rocking motion of the boat.
23 of our children will be starting in our new nursery school tomorrow morning, they are all looking forward to it. We have a lovely new uniform, nice simple red dresses for the girls and black shorts and red over shirts for the boys. I will post some pictures of the children tomorrow. It is very exciting to be facing another new challenge. We must make a difference and education has to be the way forward.