Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year party

On New years Eve afternoon we had a small party for the children. They ate chicken pilau, their favorite for lunch, followed by fresh fruit salad and ice cream. Everything we had to eat had been donated over the Christmas period except the chicken we grew that ourselves. After lunch had settled we had a dance competition, it was great fun. Everyone joined in. We had three judges who voted the dancer either in or out. We did it in age groups, such as under 8's then the bigger kids we did in sections with prizes for the winners. At the end we had an adults competition with 3 of the children as judges. As people were voted out we got to the last 3, Aunty Violet, Uncle Billy & Papa Dave. Dave was a scream he was dancing round shaking his bum, throwing his arms about the kids were hysterical. So I will now leave you to guess who won!!